Sunday, December 26, 2010

We got a white Christmas

Window as like Christmas cards
Everyone wished that it would a white Christmas and the wish was fulfilled, but now has come raining and tomorrow will be Christmas snow gone and everything will be as usual.

The oldest house in the village is now a museum, and in this house is also the oldest synthetic Christmas trees in Iceland, and it is very old. Christmas tree in the picture, however, recently trimmed.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas and jola

It is this time when the tourist town in the northern hemisphere awake for a while during the winter, which is otherwise quiet time. Preparing for Christmas is in full swing and both Christians and people who believe in God, the Vikings hold their festivals, however, on either reason. Cristina peoble celebrate the birth of Jesus, but other, called the ASA believers, celebrating the sun comes back (the Jol), because today is the longest night. This morning we got to see the lunar eclipse and thought it a fun event. In Iceland, which multiplies the rapidly adopt the ASA's, because the religions connects humans with nature, very strong umbilical cord.
-Now europe is submerged in snow and cold we've heard, but here's just a normal winter, frost but no snow yet.