Sunday, February 16, 2014

Icelandic Viking history (Part three)

Thord makes Raven ambush
Thord Atlason was 15 years old and thought young. Raven was a great warrior and no one would encounter against him, but Thord would avenge the death of his father. Once Raven went alone on his horse to shop in  the place "Eyrarbakki", where ships waited, and he wanted to be home in the evening. Raven was wearing a blue coat. He carried his sword by his side and a large spear in hand, gold decorated. Thord took a spear in his hand and waited for Raven secretly because he wanted revenge, or die. Thord jumps out of the ambush, and slip spear in Raven's body. Raven fell from his horse and died. Thord thought he was a hero for this work, but now had to seek reconciliation with friends and relatives of the Raven. Thord went well get comfortable and were all happy, not became more hostile created between families. Thord was a good man and had a wife named, Thorunn daughter Asgeir Austmann Skelfi. (Asgeir killed the entire crew in the river of "Grim" and he was a great hero of the battle.) Thorunn was also great heroines. Thord got now the forest as they struggle for (Part Two). Then Thord was 22 years old he bought a ship. He would sail his ship to Norway and collect assets of his father. Thorunn would not go with him to Norway and Thord was angry. He hid a lot of money in the ground before he left. Thorunn said, "I think you will not enjoy them this money here that you have hidden, nor what waits in Norway." Thorunn took over all control of the farm.