Monday, April 19, 2010

This world is coal black

Under the ash cloud is more darkness than the darkest winter night when the sun is in the air. There is silence, no birds sing. The ash as like a cement powder, stay on everything, everywhere and whatever he touches. The wind is worse than a desert sand storm, smuggling into houses and cars and black shit everywhere. As dry asphalt over everything, the rain covers ashes of uncleanness mud. 10 cm thick in some places covered with the vegetation and grass. The waterfall, like "Skogarfoss" and this river have this color. You can not go out without a mask and glasses. After a while you become black, as you were born in Africa or whole life working in coal mining and everything is black, also animals and birds and trees and everything, including houses. This world is coal black, as painted by Mr. Crazy artist.

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Here can yoy watch the Volcano fire in the night, and the smoke on the day.