Friday, April 16, 2010

The Icelandic National road 1 closed to day.

"It was just awful here yesterday. It was just like darkness and when you go to sleep at night, " said one farmer who received a rain of ash over his farm.

Many roads near the volcano "Eyjafell" are closed. The Flash floods yesterday has washed away the main road.

Health Hazard of Volcanic Ash
There is considerable Ash fall resulting from the volcanic eruption under the glacier “Eyjafjallajokull”. The Ash that is falling is composed of fine and course particles. The wind directions and other Meteorological Conditions have an Impact on where the Ash fall to earth.

Air traffic in the ten-kilometer radius around the Volcano is prohibited and will be so until noon on Monday.

Today was a fog over the area but now is gradually to better weather. Tomorrow will be possible to get better pictures of the disaster.

Important from the Civil Protection Department:

Live camera from the"EYFELL"
New eruption video
News from the TV side