Friday, April 23, 2010

Volcanic Ash possible in the western part

12:00 AM.Weather Forecast allows for possible ash fall in western country. Volcanic Ash can even be in Reykjavik next few days. Very likely to Keflavik Airport will be closed tomorrow. Winds will be southeast. Ash can spread over Greenland and possibly Newfoundland. Great fire can be seen at night in the volcano.
08:00 AM Flights to and from the airports of Keflavík and Reykjavík are being cancelled. Airport Akureyri be open today.
10:00 AM From the Icelandic Met Office: Volcanic tremor has been similar the last 24 hours. GPS stations around Eyjafjallajökull showed deflation associated with the eruption.
The plume could be seen on IMO's radar till 04:00. This morning it rose up to 16.000 feet, ca 4.8 km, and ash is blowing towards west.
Water in Markarfljot river increased slightly yesterday, probably due to continuous flow from the eruption area (Gigjökull).
12:00 PM Many fire engines and fire-brigade working to clean house on Volcanic Ash area.
23:00 PM Ash drift was reported today in Rangárvellir and Hveragerði. A very litle ash fall also to Eyrarbakki in afternon. Possible to Akureyri Airport will be closed in morrow morning be fore ash clouds.

Here are two RADARSAT-2 images of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano acquired on April 9 and 20 2010.

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