Thursday, April 15, 2010


19:00 High flood warning In Iceland! "Eyjafell" area
From the Civil Protection Department:
The Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management has ordered an immediate evacuation of the area due to the imminent and immediate danger of flash flooding. Reports confirm a large body of water emerging from under Gigjokul. Inhabitants are instructed to evacuate immediately to higher ground or safe areas.
The water is expected to breach the flood barriers at Thorolfssfell in Fljotshlid.

22:00 Flood Warning has expired. Tonight was glacial floods, without major damage.
The Glacial eruption will possible active over many weeks with hazardous ash. Today the heavy ash falls to the east.
The most powerfule volcano Katla is silent and not likely to wake up earlier than "Eyfell" is done with his power. Icelanders are now worrying about the Volcano "Vatnajokull" glacier wants to wake up later this year or maybe next.