Monday, April 19, 2010

Ash from the volcano is probably finished

Now comes the massive lava from volcano "Eyjafell glacier". Lava falls on a glacier and make steam smoke. It has not been flooded today and scientists do not expect more flooding. It is not impossible that the water in the streams may grow and cause problem. Main Road from "Hvolsvollur" is still closed.

4:00 PM Ash fall is now activity in tis time and lay south of the volcano.Ash today comes mostly after wind taken from the glacier.

9:00 PM National road 1.
Due to changed conditions the road between "Markarfljot" and "Skogar" will be opened to general traffic. Visibility is still very limited.
Map, closed /open road.
MODIS Ash cloud


you-wee because said...

Hi there in Eyrarbakki, in the south of Iceland! For me and certainly for many other millions of people it is very interesting and terrifying at once to monitor what happens currently in your country, because we in Europe are all - more or less - influenced by the vulcanic eruption with all its different types of emission.
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, all your neighbours and fellows in misery that you all come through the natural phenomena unscathed! Currently I'm watching a documentary report on TV about Iceland - it really depends on which side of the vulcano you live...
Regards from Germany, Uwe.

Banco de Imágenes Gratuitas said...

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Patty said...

I hope the ash clears soon, I'm stuck in an airport :(

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