Sunday, April 25, 2010

The blue sky is gone

Now is Gone, that blue sky. Shadow of the fog of ash paints the sky brown. The sun tries to shine through, but fails, is just a white spot in heaven. We are now as people living on another planet with brown sky and brown sunset in the gray world. But maybe tomorrow or the next day or next week or next month or next year, comes back clean and clear, and beautiful blue sky. We look forward to :)

00:00 AM The E15 Volcanic eruptions create more lava which now merges the glacier and make more water. Lava cast 100 meters into the air and falls on the glacier. The eruption appears to intend to be active for several more days. No earthquakes have been recorded in the region in two days. It does seem to Katla sleeps without snoring. Probably bring no news of Katla until September at the earliest. She needs a good time to load their big gun if she wants. On “Vatnajokull” area is something worries. There are many small earthquakes the entire "Bardarbunga" volcano for a long time. If something happens there, it can also create flash flooding problems.
21:00 PM Over a hundred volunteers from the Icelandic Red Cross, ICE-SAR, Jeep Club 4x4 and members from a group created on Facebook take part in restoration work on farms in the Eyjafjoll region today by cleaning and helping with farming tasks. The Fire Protection Services of Arnessýsla also be involved in the effort.