Friday, April 30, 2010

Reykjavik City Centre is just empty!

Eruption of Eyjafjallajökull had one way or another affect the lives of 14% of Americans according to a new Gallup study.

Tourists in Iceland have decreased after the eruption began in Eyjafell say members in tourism.

Tourists cannot ride snowmobiles in Glacier Myrdal, because he is full of ash, which cause damage to snowmobiles, glacier tours, company says.

There is no sign that the volcano is to be completed soon.

Volcanic Ash began fall again under E15 yesterday and told farmers there that is now considerable layer of dark ash. Many Volunteers help now to Clean-up Ash in South Iceland.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Under attack of Earthquakes.

Where else in the world you can experience the spectacular volcanic eruptions, earth shaking, falling ash, large floods, rain and sun, kaos at airports, thin roads, spectacular views and good black ice cream, all in one place at the same time. Something to tell the grandchildren.

Closed area around the volcano on Eyjafjallajokull has been reduced and is the way to Solheimajokull open and also open up the Myrdalsjokull. MAP

No measurable geophysical changes within the Katla volcano.

Earthquakes of the Day
Update on activity E15

Volcanic eruptions, day 18

Now, thick smoke from an Eyjafjallajökull and no signs of the eruption is an end to. Lava flows from the crater to the north towards Gigjokul. Lava has now slipped about one kilometer from the top Eyjafjallajökull Volcanic.

Small earthquakes continue to the Vatnajokull glacier. Also a litle in area of Langjokul glasier .

Wepcam E15 Eyjafjallajökull vulkaan.pps Iceland.pps Game

Monday, April 26, 2010

From E15 and B10 today

The following is based on a status report issued collectively by IMO and the Institute of Earth Sciences at 18:00 of 25. evening. Overall assessment from Icelandic MET office: Magma flow rate has remained at similar level over the last few days while plume activity is slowly declining. Lava continues flowing towards north. No signs of melting or meltwater discharge towards south. No signs of termination of eruption.

10:00 AM The night was a very quiet in E15, but in Vatnajokul as now more worrior. Many earthquakes have been hard in this morning on Volcano "Bardarbunga" (B10). Most 3.3 Richter.
For today, the Iceland Met office foreasts strong winds from the south-east, even storm in the afternoon.

22:00 PM The Icelandic Metoffice tell today: "No measurable geophysical changes within the Katla volcano. Earthquake activity on the north-western edge of Vatnajökull [B10] is unconnected with the ongoing eruption".
More from E15: Status Report 18:00 PM.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Land of the birds

Today there was a festive Day Environment. In honor of this day was to open a new bird watching house in the protected land for a bird. Association of a bird is responsible an area called Floi nearly Eyrarbakki. This is a wetland area rich in birdlife and is a part of the IBA Estuaries Ölfus River. The zone is in eastern bank of the river Ölfusá, in the Flói area. Association of a bird turning has restored wetland in the zone, marked walking paths and build a bird watching hiding house, that has be opening to day. Association of Icelandic birds

The blue sky is gone

Now is Gone, that blue sky. Shadow of the fog of ash paints the sky brown. The sun tries to shine through, but fails, is just a white spot in heaven. We are now as people living on another planet with brown sky and brown sunset in the gray world. But maybe tomorrow or the next day or next week or next month or next year, comes back clean and clear, and beautiful blue sky. We look forward to :)

00:00 AM The E15 Volcanic eruptions create more lava which now merges the glacier and make more water. Lava cast 100 meters into the air and falls on the glacier. The eruption appears to intend to be active for several more days. No earthquakes have been recorded in the region in two days. It does seem to Katla sleeps without snoring. Probably bring no news of Katla until September at the earliest. She needs a good time to load their big gun if she wants. On “Vatnajokull” area is something worries. There are many small earthquakes the entire "Bardarbunga" volcano for a long time. If something happens there, it can also create flash flooding problems.
21:00 PM Over a hundred volunteers from the Icelandic Red Cross, ICE-SAR, Jeep Club 4x4 and members from a group created on Facebook take part in restoration work on farms in the Eyjafjoll region today by cleaning and helping with farming tasks. The Fire Protection Services of Arnessýsla also be involved in the effort.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Volcano E15 map

00:30 AM The E 15 is a nickname for the volcano Eyjafjalla Glacier. New maps have been published showing the current restricted area. Visibility to the E15 is not currently now. Volcanic has no change the power from yesterday. No measurable for an earthquake with E15 in this time. Katla is a very silent. Unusually quietly these days maybe.
01:30 AM Only one national airport ("Egilstadir") stay open to day.
16:00 PM Ash is still rising from the volcano E15 but since the ash plume has not risen above 3 km it cannot be seen on radar. Ash fog in southwest coast, nearly Eyrarbakki. A wery litle asfall here to day.
WMO issued a briefing (20 April)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Volcanic Ash possible in the western part

12:00 AM.Weather Forecast allows for possible ash fall in western country. Volcanic Ash can even be in Reykjavik next few days. Very likely to Keflavik Airport will be closed tomorrow. Winds will be southeast. Ash can spread over Greenland and possibly Newfoundland. Great fire can be seen at night in the volcano.
08:00 AM Flights to and from the airports of Keflavík and Reykjavík are being cancelled. Airport Akureyri be open today.
10:00 AM From the Icelandic Met Office: Volcanic tremor has been similar the last 24 hours. GPS stations around Eyjafjallajökull showed deflation associated with the eruption.
The plume could be seen on IMO's radar till 04:00. This morning it rose up to 16.000 feet, ca 4.8 km, and ash is blowing towards west.
Water in Markarfljot river increased slightly yesterday, probably due to continuous flow from the eruption area (Gigjökull).
12:00 PM Many fire engines and fire-brigade working to clean house on Volcanic Ash area.
23:00 PM Ash drift was reported today in Rangárvellir and Hveragerði. A very litle ash fall also to Eyrarbakki in afternon. Possible to Akureyri Airport will be closed in morrow morning be fore ash clouds.

Here are two RADARSAT-2 images of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano acquired on April 9 and 20 2010.

More Radar images

Life Vocano camera Eyjafjallajokull

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Latest report from the volcano Eyjafjallajokull

12:00 AM In the fyrst day of summer. Agitation on earthquake measures is a stable. Steam rising less than 3 km. This steam not shows in radar. Eruption is probably stable and almost clean. It is possibly a small ash fall near the volcano for today.The weather is getting worse and risk of Snow.

Katla is still quiet and sleeps like a stone.
21:00 PM Possible that two of the four international airports will be closed tomorrow Friday 23. Apríl. It can be expexted that the flight zone for Keflavik and Reykjavík Airports will be closed for a certain period of time-Important message

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The litlebrother of Katla slow down.

It is possibility at only one of three craters in Eyfell Volcano as activity to day. In yesterday the volcanic cloud rose to an altitude of 20,000 feet (6-7 km) but could rise further as the wind dies down. In Wednesday morning there will in all probability be need for masks in East of volcano area. Later in the day masks will probably be needed in country Southwest of the volcano area and possibly in the Westman Islands. There will be no need for masks in Reykjavik or nearly town, which is not at risk for ash fall.
Katla stay still silent and sleep a good.

12:00PM Steam with a litle ash, rising low (+-3km) to south from the volcano. Erupton stay active. Wind NW 5m/s Visibility good.

14:00 PM Heavy gas explocion's in the craters. Lawa blows up to 50-100 meters. Only one craters as activy now. A white steam rising high. No longer risk for ashfall.
17:00 PM Large and thick white steam columns rise from the volcano.Visibility is deteriorating and likely to not be shown to volcano the next 170 hours.

20:00 PM No longer visibility. High pollution, fluoride has been detected in ash from the volcano.

NASA Observes Ash Plume of Icelandic Volcano

See also: "Get ready for decades of Icelandic fireworks"
Artist photo from the volcanic disaster

Icelandic tourism leaders are crazy for words, the President spoke on the volcano Katla. (They think that now, no one will come here out in fear: Is it true?)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Europe, you're free today

Congratulations, you can fly again. Now comes the almost steam from the volcano glacier and very little ash. Weather: Rather slow north direction at first, but turns clockwise in the south towards the afternoon. Rainy afternoon. Expected ash falling all around Eyjafell, but the west wind in the evening and then moves to the East Volcanic Ash. North direction in the morrow morning and Volcanic Ash to the south.
Smoke has decreased a lot from yesterday and a little Volcanic Ash. Agitation of the earthquake measure is similar to yesterday. Visibility is good.

Be good to each other and visit Iceland if you can. See with your eyes all that has happened!
The Icelandic Coastguard flew with experts to the volcano yesterday afternoon to monitor the eruption. There is still considerable volcanic activity at the site and three seemingly separate craters are still erupting. The plume is still rising but it is smaller and lighter, indicating that there is not much ash in it. Accumulating ash seems to be forming a ridge along the edges of the volcano. Lava splatter was hurled 1,5 – 3 km up in the air by explosions in the crater this morning. Further to the south clouds of ash reached a height of 5-6 km. No lava flow was observed from the volcano.
There is no risk of flash floods because the water is continuously flowing off the glacier.
1:00 PM Latest results from GPS stations around "Eyjafjallajokull" show deflationassociated with the eruption. No movements associated with the Katlavolcano are presently observed.
Information be for this glacier Volcanic Eruption from Media Team in the Emergency Management Center at Skogarhlid 14, Reykjavík, are: (+354) 570 2634 and 570 2633 between 08:00 and 20:00 in local time.

Monday, April 19, 2010

This world is coal black

Under the ash cloud is more darkness than the darkest winter night when the sun is in the air. There is silence, no birds sing. The ash as like a cement powder, stay on everything, everywhere and whatever he touches. The wind is worse than a desert sand storm, smuggling into houses and cars and black shit everywhere. As dry asphalt over everything, the rain covers ashes of uncleanness mud. 10 cm thick in some places covered with the vegetation and grass. The waterfall, like "Skogarfoss" and this river have this color. You can not go out without a mask and glasses. After a while you become black, as you were born in Africa or whole life working in coal mining and everything is black, also animals and birds and trees and everything, including houses. This world is coal black, as painted by Mr. Crazy artist.

Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Video
Here can yoy watch the Volcano fire in the night, and the smoke on the day.

Ash from the volcano is probably finished

Now comes the massive lava from volcano "Eyjafell glacier". Lava falls on a glacier and make steam smoke. It has not been flooded today and scientists do not expect more flooding. It is not impossible that the water in the streams may grow and cause problem. Main Road from "Hvolsvollur" is still closed.

4:00 PM Ash fall is now activity in tis time and lay south of the volcano.Ash today comes mostly after wind taken from the glacier.

9:00 PM National road 1.
Due to changed conditions the road between "Markarfljot" and "Skogar" will be opened to general traffic. Visibility is still very limited.
Map, closed /open road.
MODIS Ash cloud

Last night Ashfall

Large amounts of volcanic ash have fallen in the area from "Asolfskali" to "Solheimajokull" during the night. Work is in progress to close off National route 1(Sudurlandsvegur) from "Markarfljotsbru" as far as "Solheimajokull". Visibility has been at around 400 to 500m, reducing to 100m in some areas. This morning there were reports from "Thorvaldseyri" that there was almost no visibility at all.
From midnight last night steady northly winds blew over the eruption, which according to informtion from the Icelandic Met Office, should continue today and therefore present the possibility of ash fall in the area under the glacier and even over "Vestmannaeyjar", as tell Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management.
Currently now is less smoke from the volcano, but the last few days. The smoke is low and makes more ash fall over the land. There as dark like middle of night these movements.
11. AM Lawa erupton has now started from the Volcano. Today blow northly winds with clear visibility from Eyrarbakki.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Is the Volcano Falling to Sleep?

Eruption has decreased today. The question is whether it is good news or bad news. The good news is that now will be flying again. Bad news is, maybe it can start up again.

Wildlife’s health in danger.
As much ash has fallen on the fields and meadows, is the health of both animals and birds in grave danger, nearly the Eyjafjalla area. Farmers try to save their animals, but birds must have to save themselves. Many birds try to fly from the ash, into a house's or barn's with a farmers near the volcano area.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Northwest wind blows the ash to sea.

A northwest wind is forecast in the area of the volcano tonight. Tomorrow Sunday the wind is expected to blow at 5-13 m/s from the west and southwest. Ash fall is expected on the stretch from eastern “Eyjafjoll” to “Mýrdalssandur”, while the region around “Mýrdalsjokull” is expected to be most heavily afflicted.

Many travelers will see the volcanic area.

Representatives from the tourism industry convened today with representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management. According to information released in this meeting around 1800 passengers are waiting for flights in Iceland. These passengers are all comfortably accommodated and the situation is calm. The waiting passengers have been offered guest passes giving them free access to museums and swimming pools. This measure is very popular among tourists. There are no passengers waiting at Leifsstöð Icelandic International Airport.
Roughly speaking, up to 90% of Iceland, including the Reykjavik area, has not been affected by the eruption in any direct way. All infrastructure of the country is unaffected, except roads in the flooding area below the glacier.

Eyjafallajokull - Heavy Ash fall to day and Lightening

Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management emphasise that "Eyjafjallajokull" glacier and the foothills around the area is closed to the public. Local changes in wind direction combined with heavy ash fall and lightening around the ash plume create hazardous conditions.
The volcanic eruption under "Eyjafjallajokull" glacier has shown signs of increasing activity throughout the morning. Significant amounts of ash have fallen in inhabited areas to the south of the glacier and extending as far to the west as "Saudhusvellir", close to "Skogará", and to "Mýrdalssandur" in the east. Ash fall has significantly affected visibility in localised areas to the south of the glacier and around "Núpur" making travel by vehicle impossible for a while. Lightening has been reported in the volcano’s ash plume.

The Police are enforcing travel restrictions in and around the area. National Route 1 is closed to traffic between "Hvolsvollur" and "Skógará". Route 261, "Fljotshlídarvegur" is closed from "Smáratún". Police report heavy traffic towards "Hvolsvollur". Police point out that, unlike the eruption "Fimmvörduháls", the eruption under the "Eyjafjallajokull" glacier cannot be considered a tourist destination. The situation in and around the area of the glacier is hazardous.
Practically all flights over mid, north and eastern Europe have been cancelled today.The VAAC (Volcanic Ash Advisory Center) advisory forecast until midnight tonight indicates that this situation will remain unchanged for the time being. The volcano has not effected the possibility to fly to and from America from Iceland.

Ash cloud swallowe a farm

Volcanic Ash began fall over willage nearly "Island Mountain Eyjafjoll" by 9 PM last night. Beginning was a horror the witness tell, but super-large ash clouds seemed to creep down "Eyjafjöll" and swallowed a farm willage which are at the roots. Cloud was coal black and very dense. The willage had been leave.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Iceland Black Smoke come from Hell

Route of "The Vik Myrdal" is closed due to heavy ash rain from the volcano. Flood waters at the old "Markarfljotsbru" bridge had Risen at half meters just before 18:00 today. An New Coast Guard Plane cloud observed from the Volcanic eruption reaching 30.000 feet this afternoon. Strong Winds of 85 to 90 Knot (167 km / hour) Were measured at 19.000 feet.

The Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management is Aware of a Thick cloud over the town "Kirkjubaearklaustur" Although little Ash has fallen to the ground. Most of the Ash appear to be Rising to a high altitude, spreading impression. Other built-up areas in Iceland are not known to have experienced ash fall. Northerly winds are forecast tonight with anticipated ash fall to the south of Eyjafjallajökull glacier.

In the afternoon was a chance to take pictures of the volcanic smoke.

The Icelandic National road 1 closed to day.

"It was just awful here yesterday. It was just like darkness and when you go to sleep at night, " said one farmer who received a rain of ash over his farm.

Many roads near the volcano "Eyjafell" are closed. The Flash floods yesterday has washed away the main road.

Health Hazard of Volcanic Ash
There is considerable Ash fall resulting from the volcanic eruption under the glacier “Eyjafjallajokull”. The Ash that is falling is composed of fine and course particles. The wind directions and other Meteorological Conditions have an Impact on where the Ash fall to earth.

Air traffic in the ten-kilometer radius around the Volcano is prohibited and will be so until noon on Monday.

Today was a fog over the area but now is gradually to better weather. Tomorrow will be possible to get better pictures of the disaster.

Important from the Civil Protection Department:

Live camera from the"EYFELL"
New eruption video
News from the TV side

Thursday, April 15, 2010


19:00 High flood warning In Iceland! "Eyjafell" area
From the Civil Protection Department:
The Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management has ordered an immediate evacuation of the area due to the imminent and immediate danger of flash flooding. Reports confirm a large body of water emerging from under Gigjokul. Inhabitants are instructed to evacuate immediately to higher ground or safe areas.
The water is expected to breach the flood barriers at Thorolfssfell in Fljotshlid.

22:00 Flood Warning has expired. Tonight was glacial floods, without major damage.
The Glacial eruption will possible active over many weeks with hazardous ash. Today the heavy ash falls to the east.
The most powerfule volcano Katla is silent and not likely to wake up earlier than "Eyfell" is done with his power. Icelanders are now worrying about the Volcano "Vatnajokull" glacier wants to wake up later this year or maybe next.

No flights due to ash from Iceland

Flights in the UK, Norway, Sweden and Ireland early this morning were cancelled as Ash from the eruption of a volanco beneath Iceland's "Eyjafjalla Glacier" moved east across the Atlantic. Airport Iceland will be still open today.

Yesterday came two floods from the glacier and damaged the main road. Ash from the eruption can damage vegetation and animal life on a large area. Fishing areas near the coast are also in risk after floods from the glacier.
Bad weather, fog and ash close view to the volcano today.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Volcanic eruptions under the ice started

A new eruption began last night under glacier "Eyjafjallajokull" in sauth Iceland, and melted a hole in the glacier. High risk of flooding in the river "Markarfljot" and under the mountain "Eyjafjoll". The main road, National Route 1, is now closed in this area.

The Civil Protection Department tell:
The run off from the glacier "Gigjokull" is increasing. The walkers’ bridge has been swept away in the direction of the sea. The eruption is curtailed to the top crater and not on the south western side as was originally thought. A deluge is beginning to roar down the southern slopes of "Eyjafallajokull" according to a report from a local farmer at Thorvaldseyri.
Farmers who went into the danger area this morning to feed their cattle are asked to leave immediately.

Tonight: Ash falls now in the lands to farmers in the nearby volcano. Sometimes so much that visibility is only 50 meters.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

First volcanoes death toll

Three people were driving to see an eruption of Fimmvörðuháls, but they get lost in the Desert Mountains. When the car was petrol available, they walk back. Their phone is not working and they could not ask for help. It was cold and bad weather. Two people died in the cold weather after a short walk. Rescue team rescued one person.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Volcanic frenzy

Volcanic area residents like to go away, but thousands of tourists come to see an eruption in "Eyjafjallajokul". It is allowed to go on view point to view the disaster or use the helicopter service. Climber people can access the site from two directions and have hundreds of people walk on the mountain to see this great natural disaster.