Friday, January 22, 2010

Efficient women

Eyrarbakki Women's Association was founded in 1888. The women have since supported humanitarian, provide grants to medical and elderly and buy tools to use at various institutions in the region. They have worked in various cultural for the villages and beyond. E.W.A. is one of the oldest and most important associations of women in Iceland. Recently gave E.W.A. devices for the police to facilitate the study drug crime. The women will ensure that young people's future and prevent criminals to haunt them.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The story of a small village

Our story starts ever for 900th When the Viking Hásteinn Atlason offers his god Ægir to find the best place to live. Hásteinn sails his ship and throw sacred tree over board and offers Ægir to employ its movement. The sacred tree runs to the beautiful coast of Iceland. The built Hásteinn place named Stokkseyri. Hásteinn gave his brother in law is named Hallsteinn half share in the region. Hallsteinn named the place Eyrarbakki. It was long ago an international port.

Nearly year 900 lived in Eyrarbakki sailing ace Bjarni Herjólfsson. When he came home from sailing in Norway, which he did for each winter, his father had moved to Greenland, where dwelt Viking Erik the Red. There Bjarni would sail, but had not done before. There for he went too far and came to the coast of America first white men. When he came to Greenland where he met another captain named Leifur Eiriksson (Leif Ericson) and told him of meeting new country in the west. Eric bought Bjarni's ship and sailed west, and he named a new land Vinland. (Long time later Spanish ships came to Eyrarbakka. One persons in this ship, named Kristopher Columbus and he asked news.)

In year 1000 came the first Christian people to Eyrarbakka and soon people began to live with this new religion and the Vikings dug weapons. Later was composed of the king of Norway was also King of Iceland. Then there was Eyrarbakki Norwegian port. Later came the Danes and became Eyrarbakki main shopping town in Iceland. As times changed, Iceland became independent again and the roads were built and ports all around Iceland. It was Eyrarbakki no longer the main place.

The people continued to catch fish as usual. They built fish processing industry, and lived with it long long time. Change in the interest of people was at the end of century. The larger fishing vessels had larger ports and the owners of ships went from Eyrarbakka. The industry took off and the service went away, but not all the people went away. People most wanted to stay and build their village. Now the village is famous for museums, tourism and much history and beautiful mountains around, and the blue sea with surf noise.

Now come dubious times again. Crisis and difficulties and little work and all problems with Icesave came as Tsunami of these people. The people will not give up, but hope that everyone will fit in this small historic village does not be depopulated.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Arctic tern bests them all

The Arctic tern flying on average 44,000 miles on its annual migration from pole to pole, according to a new study. In Eyrarbakki is one breeding place with ca 1000 Arctic terns from May to end of August. It is sort way fore the birds to have food in the Eyrarbakki’s lagoon. But last 4 years this Iceland’s Arctic tern must have hard time to feed them nestling. Now coming a very little fry inside the lagoon be fore maybe something have changed in the ocean for this fry upbringing and make a serious problem for the seabirds’ to surviving. This serious problem have be continual fore many kind of seabirds in Iceland last four years, and specially Arctic tern and puffin.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Snowless Iceland

This half past of winter we have almost mild wintertime and less snow in south part. In end of last year the temperature take low deep with freezing weather but in beginning of this year the temperature rising again.

After two weeks Eyrarbakki hold a traditional winter celebration “Thorrablot” like them have doing from the time out of mind. There will be food produce with a weary old method. In the same time people make fun of them neighbors and drink a lot of there’s wine, called “Black Death”.

This Icesave-scandal is that people talk this days, and don’t like to guarantee to fill op in this black hole that somebody owners of private bank make for them self. It is like you must in compulsion pawn you family and grandchild to pay fore somebody others broken bank system and his lost money. Most of the taxpayers will say no, in the national election and eat them own fish and snow self, if Britain and Netherland or EU and IMF will make strafe with this country, after the “NO” voting.