Saturday, September 06, 2014

Potential disaster eruption will happen.

Eruption north of Vatnajokull, Photo from "Mila" webcam
If the current eruption in “Holuhraun”, moves into the glacier "Bardarbunga" or a new eruption occurs there, it is a big chance that this can happen: The eruption could cause an outburst flood and possibly an explosive, ash-producing activity. In the event of a sub glacial eruption, it is most likely that flooding would affect “Jokulsa a Fjollum”. It is also possibly a flood coming in these rivers from the glacier Vatnajokul: Skjalfandafljot, Kaldakvisl, Skafta and Grimsvotn.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Eruption started in Iceland

From Civil Protection in Iceland.

A small eruption started at 0600 this morning close to the eruption that was on Saturday.  Scientists on scene, estimate that the fissure goes further to the north than the previous eruption around 1,5 km. long. A lavafield of about 3 km flows to the east. Very bad weather is at the eruption site, sandstorm and windy conditions.The Civil Protection and Emergency Management is working on Alert Phase. The Icelandic Met Office has raised the Aviation colour code to red for Bárðarbunga/Holuhraun.
More eruption warning!

Mila-WEBCAMS "Holuhraun"

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Two volcanoes come with risk code

From Civil Protection in Iceland.
Scientists from the Icelandic Meteorological Office and the Institute of Earth Sciences, together with representatives of the Civil Protection in Iceland, met today to discuss the on-going unrest at the Bárðarbunga volcano.
This morning, there was a flight over the Bárðarbunga area and the surface of the glacier was surveyed. No changes to the ice crevasses southeast of Bárðarbunga, that were seen yesterday evening, were observed. These crevasses (cauldrons) were likely formed due to melting at the ice bottom.
The depressions have been located southeast of the Bárðarbunga caldera, in all likelihood within the water divide of the river Jökulsá á Fjöllum. There are three circular crevasse formations, about 5 km in total length. The ice thickness in the area is 400-600 m.
The water level in Grímsvötn Lake has been surveyed and has likely risen by about 5-10 m in the last days, which corresponds to an addition of 10-30 million m3 of water in the lake. A slight increase in conductivity in Köldukvísl River was measured this morning, but the cause is yet unknown. No change has been measured in the Hágöngulón lagoon, Jökulsá River and Skjálfandi River. It is assumed, that the water from the cauldron has flowed into the Grímsvötn Lake or the river Jökulsá á Fjöllum.
The seismic activity is similar to that of the last days. Around midnight, three earthquakes of magnitude around 4 were recorded and one of magnitude 5 at 08:13 this morning, all located within the Bárðarbunga caldera.
Shortly before 08:00 this morning, there was a slight increase in seismic activity in Askja volcano. Changes in the stress field due to expansion caused by the dyke have an effect on the Askja area.
Since yesterday, the length of the dyke under Dyngjujökull has increased by 1-1.5 km to the north, which is considerably less than in the last days. The dyke has now reached the fissure system of the Askja volcano and GPS measurements indicate that the area there is greatly affected.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The risk of an eruption in the "Vatnajokull"

This map shows the earthquakes in one day. Starr does an earthquake more
than 3 on a scale.
Tremendous surge of earthquakes have been on the glacier last day. "Civil Protection" express uncertainty level:

The National Commissioner of Police and the District Commissioner of Police at Hvolsvöllur and Húsavík have declared a Civil Protection Uncertainty phase due to unrest in Bárðabunga.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Latest from South-Iceland

Flash floods is now Gigjukvísl, river of glacier. Hydrogen sulphide can travel through flood water when it comes before the glacier. Concentration can become so great that it can damage the lining of the eyes and respiratory tract.
It is being construct the new bridge over Mulakvisl and equip five kilometers of river dikes. Old Bridge collapsed after flash floods in 2011.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Latest news from Eyrarbakka area

From Eyrarbakki
New charges: Owners of the land "Geyser" now take charge for viewing the natural wonder. The fee is ISK 600. It is likely that more landowners begin charging. The government is very concerned.

Chess in the pool: In the swimming pool Árborg,  is now a chess board that visitors can use in the hot tub.

Exercise for Natural Disasters: Recently was conducted extensive testing of mission system of civil protection in the impact of a possible eruption of  Katla, or from Hvolsvelli in the west to the east Kirkjubaejarklaustur. Sent SMS messages to all mobile phones linked to the GSM transmitters in the area. "TEST, Police Emergency Information System, no need to reply, TEST".

Eyrarbakki rescue: The municipality Arborg and rescue Eyrabakki have renewed their cooperation agreement.
Rescue performs include training youth as well as participation in events and festivals and oversight of day fishermen in Eyrarbakki.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Icelandic Viking history (Part three)

Thord makes Raven ambush
Thord Atlason was 15 years old and thought young. Raven was a great warrior and no one would encounter against him, but Thord would avenge the death of his father. Once Raven went alone on his horse to shop in  the place "Eyrarbakki", where ships waited, and he wanted to be home in the evening. Raven was wearing a blue coat. He carried his sword by his side and a large spear in hand, gold decorated. Thord took a spear in his hand and waited for Raven secretly because he wanted revenge, or die. Thord jumps out of the ambush, and slip spear in Raven's body. Raven fell from his horse and died. Thord thought he was a hero for this work, but now had to seek reconciliation with friends and relatives of the Raven. Thord went well get comfortable and were all happy, not became more hostile created between families. Thord was a good man and had a wife named, Thorunn daughter Asgeir Austmann Skelfi. (Asgeir killed the entire crew in the river of "Grim" and he was a great hero of the battle.) Thorunn was also great heroines. Thord got now the forest as they struggle for (Part Two). Then Thord was 22 years old he bought a ship. He would sail his ship to Norway and collect assets of his father. Thorunn would not go with him to Norway and Thord was angry. He hid a lot of money in the ground before he left. Thorunn said, "I think you will not enjoy them this money here that you have hidden, nor what waits in Norway." Thorunn took over all control of the farm.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Icelandic Viking history (Part two)

The story of Atli, son of Hallstein the viking

"Atli" and "Raven" fighting in Willow-forest
Hallstein settled " Stokkseyri "in late of Viking age,  and his son was named Atli. He became rich, powerfully and a kind of lawyer in his country. He lives in his farm “Tradarholt”.  One time came to him a old slave who was now free given. This slave as named the " Bodvar " and his master had given him part of forest, but with conditions, if Bodvar would die before the master, then the inheritance would go to him. A man named “Orn” (Eagle) tell at Bodvar had stolen from him six bulls. Therefore, the free slave would get help from Atli, and he promised to help if he will give him the forest, and  other belongings after he died. It was approved. In the parliament is a case taken into court. Atli then goes to the Court with a great team who followed him, and demands that the case be dropped. “Eagle” tell that Atli was only just full of greed for silver. Atli then became angry, and uses all their skills to complicate the issue so it was not possible to judge Bodvar.  The forest by now asset’s to Atli. Next, it happened to Bodvar died, and past master of his named "Ossur" was also dead a litle lather, but the intestate, his controlling person named “Hrafn” (Raven). Raven now makes a claim on the forest, and prohibits the Atli of using wood, and Atli was angry and would not give the wood behind. Atli later went into the forest with three workers and cut the wood. Working man from Raven, lokking the Atlas and his men with chop the wood and he run the fastest home to his master and tell it as happening. Raven going there with eight armed men in the forest, and find where Atli and his men as cutting wood. Now comes to the battle between the Atlas and Raven and they fight of hardness. Raven lost two men dead and one Atli’s men die, but Atli was wounded badly. Now came there a settler named “Onund” and him stopped the battle. He rescue Atla home to his farm, and there Atli dies. Son of Atlas named Thord, and he had now inherited farming in Traðarholt. Another son of Atli, named “Olver the slim” and he was a trader and a Viking and he lived in Norway.

Monday, January 06, 2014

Icelandic Viking history (part one)

The Vikings navigate from Norway
This story begins at the age of Viking. In the land of the north, "Norway" is a province calledGaul. Chief over this province is namedAtli” and his majesty called "Earl". But usually he was calledAtli the slender”, because he was very slim. The Vikings, foster-brothers namedIngolf” andLeif” (Hjor-Leif). They were young men in Norway, that will go to viking with the three sons of Atli. His sons were calledHastein”, “Herstein” andHolmstein” and they were great warriors and they always went well in warfare. Is the envoys came home after a successful campaign in the Norwegian countries and forces, the young viking’s will decided they fight again next summer. During the winter did foster-brothers hold feast to the earl's sons. There Holmstein gave promise that he should marryHelga” sister of Ingolf, or never own another woman. Both team members by silent in this moment, but Leif blushing face, as he would himself haveHelga”. When they went home later in the night, were no greetings between Leif and Holmstein any more.
 Next spring they prepared foster-brothers Ingolf and Leif to fight the war and went to meet the earl's son Herstein and Holmstein as was decided, and they met with place named “Hisargafl”. Unexpected in this moment came to a battle between Leif and Holmstein and their legion. The battle had been a while came an old man, named “Olmodur Horda-Karason” he is the cousin of Leif, and he held Ingolf to help. Now Holmstein died in this battle, but Herstein fled a way. Ingolf and Leif thought the battle in Norwegan country as it was decided.
The Viking "Hastein" comes to Iceland
 The next winter was Herstein, along with his men to kill the foster-brothers. Leif had received news of their trip and made it for him. Became subject to a great bloody fight and died Herstein there. After it came somebody friends to their foster-brothers, from place named “Firth”. Several people were now sent to King Atli the Earl and Hastein to offer a settlement. The result was that, they foster-brothers apply all their property to them. Bud now Ingolf and Leif must move away from Norway. They decided to sail to the islands in the Arctic they had heard news of and called "Snow-land" and later named "Iceland". Leif was killed in this expedition of his slaves, but Ingolf took land at a place he named Reykjavík.

Now is the time when King Harold Goldbeard in Sogn and him cousin Earl Atli the Slender gave young grandson Harold name and state. Harold Young was the son of Thora's daughter Goldbeard and Halfdan the Black, King of the Uplands. Then Harold Young is dead, have Halfdan the Black this land after him, and he put the Earl Atli the Slender over it. Now Thora had died and Halfdan married Ragnhild daughter of Sigurd-hearted, and there son was lather the Norwegian kingHarold the Fairhair”.

Still pass time until “Harold Fairhair” intermarry with “Earl Hakon Grjotgarth” and conquer Norway. Got Hakon now control over the land “Siganfylki” in defiance of Earl Atli the Slender. Dragged them both earls joined the gathering and faith for the domination of this land. In the palce “Stafnesvog”, in the mountains, met their forces and heavy bloody fighting began there. In the battle Earl Hakon die and Earl Atli the Slender was wounded to death. “Hastein” now had control of the State in a vile, but there time come to Harold drew a large force against him. “Hastein retreated from Harold's army and he prepared his ship ready for departure a weary fast. Was it expected “Hastein” to sail to Iceland and took him land in the Southwest coast he named “Stokkseyri” and there him chose to live all his time. Hastein’s wife is named “Thora Olvier's daughter” and they have two children named, “Olvier” and “Atli”. A man named “Hallstein” live in “Sogn” in Norway and him was cousin of Hastein, and him create his ship with people, slaves, tools, animals, timber and all the needs things and cattle the ship in to Iceland too meat “Hastein” family. Hastein gave him a settlement land him named Eyrarbakki.  “Hallstein” wife was named “Solveig the Fair” and they lived in place named “Framnes” on the old lava with the sandy ocean coast. There son was named Thorstein, him was killed later. His son was Thorbjörn and him live in “Framnes”. The first generation gives now the footprint in Eyrarbakki’s sand.                                                   Continue……….