Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Environment map of Eyrarbakki

Now's a good facility for mobile homes and campers at the Eyrarbakki campsite. It could be a good idea to stay there for a while, as much to see and enjoy in the vicinity. Abundant birdlife and extensive nature is something that makes you stop on a long journey. The little and old houses are also very intriguing, especially a nice to photograph them.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

April in Iceland, South Coast

It's easy to get a rental car at Keflavik airport, and it is ideal to go to the first stage to the old Eyrarbakki and stay there for a moment and look around.  Accommodation is possible in the area.

When traveling on Highway 1 to the east will be many beautiful waterfalls along the way.

After a few hours of driving through the south coast is up to the biggest glacier in Europe "Vatnajökull". The area is a national park.

One of the most intriguing natural wonder is the Ice -"lagoon". In April, it is nearly full of icebergs, but still beautiful. A few hotels can find in this area