Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Reindeer decreased

Reindeer in the area south of Vatnajökull has dropped down. Last year 247 animals were counted in this area, but now have found only 113 reindeer. Because have all been banned hunting of reindeer in the region.
It is not information why the reindeer dropped so much between years, because nothing in the environment of the animals as likely to be negative and the last winter rather mild. Possible reason is hunting thieves on a large scale.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Are you in good shape?

Now good shape or not good shape people can travel at super speeds of Icelandic glacial river "on The White river- Hvítá!". The hi-speed river jetboats you can find here.

White top of volcano

Eyjafjallajökull point is now snow white again after the snow last week. The mountain has everything been gray ash from the eruption finally erupted in the spring than in toppgíg glacier period of 14 April 7th June.

Mila webcams

Vatnajökull still shaking

Continued on earthquakes in the Vatnajökull glacier. The last tremor that measured 3.4 Richter in this morning. Many smaller earthquakes have been sustained in the north are the glacier.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Vatnajokull shaking

Several earthquakes have occurred in the Vatnajökull Kistufell yesterday and today. Cycle began yesterday morning with trembling offer 3 on Richter and the 10 earthquakes of similar size have occurred since.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Last summer festival ended.

Many Icelandic towns celebrate the summer time and most of the town with one special celebration. On Eyrarbakki are three holidays during the summer time. First, early spring, so is the middle of summer festival. Last festival is in mid-August. Thousands of people visit this old 19th century town every year. Every house and everything has a great story to tell the next generation. Foreign tourists who are interested in Icelandic history and nature visit the town in summer as winter. In winter it is the major surf from the Atlantic, which calls for tourists to watch the great waves breaking along the coast.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

View surf and drink coffee

In the old harbor in Eyrarbakki is a little "take-away" coffee hut named Bakkabrim. There you can serve refreshments from organically grown raw materials at a reasonable price; new grind coffee, Homemade soup, sandwiches and baked pastries. View from the harbor is fantastic and strange phenomena of nature all around.