Thursday, January 30, 2014

Icelandic Viking history (Part two)

The story of Atli, son of Hallstein the viking

"Atli" and "Raven" fighting in Willow-forest
Hallstein settled " Stokkseyri "in late of Viking age,  and his son was named Atli. He became rich, powerfully and a kind of lawyer in his country. He lives in his farm “Tradarholt”.  One time came to him a old slave who was now free given. This slave as named the " Bodvar " and his master had given him part of forest, but with conditions, if Bodvar would die before the master, then the inheritance would go to him. A man named “Orn” (Eagle) tell at Bodvar had stolen from him six bulls. Therefore, the free slave would get help from Atli, and he promised to help if he will give him the forest, and  other belongings after he died. It was approved. In the parliament is a case taken into court. Atli then goes to the Court with a great team who followed him, and demands that the case be dropped. “Eagle” tell that Atli was only just full of greed for silver. Atli then became angry, and uses all their skills to complicate the issue so it was not possible to judge Bodvar.  The forest by now asset’s to Atli. Next, it happened to Bodvar died, and past master of his named "Ossur" was also dead a litle lather, but the intestate, his controlling person named “Hrafn” (Raven). Raven now makes a claim on the forest, and prohibits the Atli of using wood, and Atli was angry and would not give the wood behind. Atli later went into the forest with three workers and cut the wood. Working man from Raven, lokking the Atlas and his men with chop the wood and he run the fastest home to his master and tell it as happening. Raven going there with eight armed men in the forest, and find where Atli and his men as cutting wood. Now comes to the battle between the Atlas and Raven and they fight of hardness. Raven lost two men dead and one Atli’s men die, but Atli was wounded badly. Now came there a settler named “Onund” and him stopped the battle. He rescue Atla home to his farm, and there Atli dies. Son of Atlas named Thord, and he had now inherited farming in Traðarholt. Another son of Atli, named “Olver the slim” and he was a trader and a Viking and he lived in Norway.

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