Monday, April 19, 2010

Last night Ashfall

Large amounts of volcanic ash have fallen in the area from "Asolfskali" to "Solheimajokull" during the night. Work is in progress to close off National route 1(Sudurlandsvegur) from "Markarfljotsbru" as far as "Solheimajokull". Visibility has been at around 400 to 500m, reducing to 100m in some areas. This morning there were reports from "Thorvaldseyri" that there was almost no visibility at all.
From midnight last night steady northly winds blew over the eruption, which according to informtion from the Icelandic Met Office, should continue today and therefore present the possibility of ash fall in the area under the glacier and even over "Vestmannaeyjar", as tell Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management.
Currently now is less smoke from the volcano, but the last few days. The smoke is low and makes more ash fall over the land. There as dark like middle of night these movements.
11. AM Lawa erupton has now started from the Volcano. Today blow northly winds with clear visibility from Eyrarbakki.