Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Volcanic eruptions under the ice started

A new eruption began last night under glacier "Eyjafjallajokull" in sauth Iceland, and melted a hole in the glacier. High risk of flooding in the river "Markarfljot" and under the mountain "Eyjafjoll". The main road, National Route 1, is now closed in this area.

The Civil Protection Department tell:
The run off from the glacier "Gigjokull" is increasing. The walkers’ bridge has been swept away in the direction of the sea. The eruption is curtailed to the top crater and not on the south western side as was originally thought. A deluge is beginning to roar down the southern slopes of "Eyjafallajokull" according to a report from a local farmer at Thorvaldseyri.
Farmers who went into the danger area this morning to feed their cattle are asked to leave immediately.

Tonight: Ash falls now in the lands to farmers in the nearby volcano. Sometimes so much that visibility is only 50 meters.