Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The litlebrother of Katla slow down.

It is possibility at only one of three craters in Eyfell Volcano as activity to day. In yesterday the volcanic cloud rose to an altitude of 20,000 feet (6-7 km) but could rise further as the wind dies down. In Wednesday morning there will in all probability be need for masks in East of volcano area. Later in the day masks will probably be needed in country Southwest of the volcano area and possibly in the Westman Islands. There will be no need for masks in Reykjavik or nearly town, which is not at risk for ash fall.
Katla stay still silent and sleep a good.

12:00PM Steam with a litle ash, rising low (+-3km) to south from the volcano. Erupton stay active. Wind NW 5m/s Visibility good.

14:00 PM Heavy gas explocion's in the craters. Lawa blows up to 50-100 meters. Only one craters as activy now. A white steam rising high. No longer risk for ashfall.
17:00 PM Large and thick white steam columns rise from the volcano.Visibility is deteriorating and likely to not be shown to volcano the next 170 hours.

20:00 PM No longer visibility. High pollution, fluoride has been detected in ash from the volcano.

NASA Observes Ash Plume of Icelandic Volcano

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Artist photo from the volcanic disaster

Icelandic tourism leaders are crazy for words, the President spoke on the volcano Katla. (They think that now, no one will come here out in fear: Is it true?)