Monday, April 26, 2010

From E15 and B10 today

The following is based on a status report issued collectively by IMO and the Institute of Earth Sciences at 18:00 of 25. evening. Overall assessment from Icelandic MET office: Magma flow rate has remained at similar level over the last few days while plume activity is slowly declining. Lava continues flowing towards north. No signs of melting or meltwater discharge towards south. No signs of termination of eruption.

10:00 AM The night was a very quiet in E15, but in Vatnajokul as now more worrior. Many earthquakes have been hard in this morning on Volcano "Bardarbunga" (B10). Most 3.3 Richter.
For today, the Iceland Met office foreasts strong winds from the south-east, even storm in the afternoon.

22:00 PM The Icelandic Metoffice tell today: "No measurable geophysical changes within the Katla volcano. Earthquake activity on the north-western edge of Vatnajökull [B10] is unconnected with the ongoing eruption".
More from E15: Status Report 18:00 PM.