Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Snowless Iceland

This half past of winter we have almost mild wintertime and less snow in south part. In end of last year the temperature take low deep with freezing weather but in beginning of this year the temperature rising again.

After two weeks Eyrarbakki hold a traditional winter celebration “Thorrablot” like them have doing from the time out of mind. There will be food produce with a weary old method. In the same time people make fun of them neighbors and drink a lot of there’s wine, called “Black Death”.

This Icesave-scandal is that people talk this days, and don’t like to guarantee to fill op in this black hole that somebody owners of private bank make for them self. It is like you must in compulsion pawn you family and grandchild to pay fore somebody others broken bank system and his lost money. Most of the taxpayers will say no, in the national election and eat them own fish and snow self, if Britain and Netherland or EU and IMF will make strafe with this country, after the “NO” voting.