Monday, September 29, 2008

Last summer, in pictures

In June was held the summer festival and the population took part in the joy. On the large fire and old and young sang several old anthem and dance with fire.
The National Day was made a lot of fun and the children got to ride a beautiful Icelandic horses.

On 29th May not be a good day at Eyrarbakki. We got the 6.5 earthquake and many many smaller by earthquakes. Fortunately, no one hurt and no houses collapsed, many damaged, some very, other small and some damaged nothing. All get added damage from the state. People, however, was much afraid of the earthquake. Everyone knew, however, that earthquake would come someday.

The people started the summer with stories and poems that were glued on light stakes and made a great success the walking people.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Byrds gon away.

Over the summer Eyrarbakki have many flying guests. Many species of birds, large and small from various European countries have a stopover here or make a nest. When autumn comes, they gathered together and gather the energy to fly back across the Atlantic south a hoter countries.