Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ghosts Village

In hundreds of years has been a war between a group of ghosts and the Icelandic village residents Stokkseyri. Early last century could be priest’s overthrows ghosts back in the grave. But so badly wanted to be a ghost named Móri escaped from the Ghostbusters and went into hiding. The population treated even peace in one generation. Now seems to be Móri have come back with a new army of ghosts. It is said that people cannot sleep, hear strange sounds and seeing the mysterious shadows without reason. The worst is, however, when the cars without the driver run at night while the moon is full. Ghost’s Experts are now study the case and believe the reason is a new museum set about ghosts in the village, but other say it's problem coming from a HAARP station nearly Stokkseyri town. The museum news of the ghost problem More news