Sunday, May 22, 2011

Asfall from Grimsvötn volcano

This photo was taken in Höfn village in south east of Iceland last night. Kristin Jonsdottir took the picture and shows the ash cloud comes over the church in the town. The eruption is the strongest in 100 years and is now much volcanic ash in a nearby glacier. No.1 road has been closed. All flights from Keflavík has been canselet today.


DeeBee L. said...

It is interesting to note that the eruption of your most active volcano Grimsvoetn began late Saturday, a little more than a year after that of Eyjafjoell’s.
I read that experts say that no two volcanic eruptions are alike and that it was unlikely that Grimsvoetn would emit a similar kind of fine with very sharp particles ash as Eyjafjoell did.
Let’s keep fingers crossed!

E.T. said...

We cross our fingers and hope the best:)