Monday, November 14, 2011

A new way to Eyrarbakki

A new road has been opened from Keflavik Airport to Eyrarbakki. The road leads by the seashore and is in very nice surroundings. The road enables visitors to travel to the south coast where Eyrarbakki town offers visitors welcome. Free bus travel between villages and downtown center many times a day.

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Anonymous said...


does this bus from Eyrarbakki to Reykjavik daily? We want to spend a night in Eyrarbakki on our last day in Southern Iceland. Our plane leaves Friday afternoon (we should arrive in Eyrarbakki on Thursday), so I think we should leave town at 12h/13h Friday. Is this possible with this new bus line? Or do we take the bus to Selfoss and then to Keflavik. Can't find any schedules.

Thanks for your help, and thanks for this blog. Very interesting history and town. Looking forward to our visit.

Gr, Bregt