Monday, January 17, 2011

The Great duel- Eyrarbakki Betting Wrestling

Eyjolfur was a man upstairs in the middle of the 18th century. (1729) He lived in the Eyrarbakki. He was known for his strength and fitness, and moreover, he was wrestling a great champion. Trader, who was in the Eyrarbakki, had once talked with the captain of Danish ship in Eyrarbakki harbour. Said the captain of Icelanders to be loser's, and him said he would bring a person from abroad, the Icelander could not overcome, but traders who thought the Icelandic by best fighters, said he would bring on an Icelander, as no stranger can overcome.
They bet on this. The next summer was a black slave with the master of the ship, seems fightings like trolls and excessive killer machine. He called traders got to deal with it. Eyjólfur was however reluctant, because he was going to old age, and think it will created in the ruthless business. Before he went to fight, he wrapped himself with a string through the body and limbs under the outer garments. The slave could never beat him to injury. Eyjólfur long did not try to defend him selves, and thought he had fully experienced, but slave tried beating and banging as he could in a long time. Finally came Eyjólfur though wrestling takes on the slave and coat it. So he had his knee in the stomach and pressure so that the slave's chest wall and blood came from his mouth. They were then separated, and the injured brought the slave to ship. Eyjólfur was never refreshes after the battle. It is said that traders had given to Eyjolfur this Bet money and more for this victory. These wrestling’s have the name "The Eyrarbakki Betting Wrestling".

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